Mileage:  29 (Miles)
Year:  2022
Colour:  Grey
Drive:  RHD


- Agate Grey Metallic Paint (£876)
- Including 18-Way Adaptive Sports Plus (£1,734) & BOSE Surround Sound (£1,002)
- Porsche Manufacturer's Warranty until September 2025
- Delivery Mileage
- UK Supplied

Part of the reason that Porsche is such a successful brand with such a loyal, almost cult, following is that they listen to their customers extremely well. After the limited production run of the 911 R finished Porsche realised the appetite for a wingless manual GT3 was massive, plus there were plenty of customers who were very unhappy about not getting a 911 R slot. Porsche listened and so the GT3 Touring was born.

Porsche had huge success with the 991.2 Touring, so there was great anticipation for the 992 generation release. Quite literally a de-winged 992 GT3, the touring replaces the fixed wing for an elegant rear design with an automatically deploying spoiler, so rear downforce isn’t forgotten about and is actually the same as the fixed-wing GT3. Don’t be fooled by the slightly more subtle design, this is still a GT3 at heart, just within a more understated silhouette – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Do not be mistaken, the 992 GT3 Touring is just as hardcore as its stablemate, just in an understated but unmistakably Porsche package.

Porsche 911 (992) GT3 Touring

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